Fred Sievert


Picture of Cheryl Barker

Cheryl Barker

Cheryl Barker is a veteran mother of the bride and freelance writer. She’s written for magazines, compilation books, and other publications as well as for Blue […]

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Picture of Charlie Barnes

Charlie Barnes

Charlie Barnes was senior vice president and executive director of the Seminole Boosters until his retirement in 2012. He and Coach Bobby Bowden travelled together on […]

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Picture of Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia is Founder and President of Renaissance Communications, a company specializing in providing media platforms for organizations and gifted communicators of the faith and values message, […]

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Picture of Twila Belk

Twila Belk

Twila, aka “The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal,” is a writer and speaker who loves braggin’ on God. In addition to Raindrops from Heaven, she has written […]

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Picture of Janet & Geoff Benge

Janet & Geoff Benge

Janet and Geoff Benge lead Silver Fern Writers. For the past 28 years the Benges have worked as fulltime, commercial writers. They have been prolific ghostwriters, writing over 60 […]

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Picture of John Bevere

John Bevere

John Bevere and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International. A minister and best-selling author, John delivers messages of uncompromising truth with boldness and […]

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Picture of Jeff Bogue

Jeff Bogue

Dr. Jeff Bogue is a pastor whose passion is to help Jesus make sense to young adults. He has been married to Heidi for twenty-three years […]

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Picture of John Bolin

John Bolin

John Bolin is passionate about telling stories on stage, page, and screen. John is a speaker, producer, and author consumed with transforming culture through the wonder […]

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Picture of John Bona

John Bona

A firm believer in the American free enterprise system, John Bona calls on his 30-plus years of experience as an owner of Park ‘N Go to […]

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Picture of Jeremy Bouma

Jeremy Bouma

Jeremy Bouma is a former congressional staffer with the U.S. Senate who spent over a decade in ministry, first ministering on Capitol Hill and later pastoring in West Michigan […]

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Picture of Kathy Branzell

Kathy Branzell

Kathy Branzell is the National Coordinator of LOVE2020 and has been an active member of the Mission America Coalition since 2000, serving with the Education Coalition. […]

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Picture of Rosey Brausen

Rosey Brausen

Rosey Brausen is an advertising, marketing, and development professional, freelance writer, inspirational speaker, and prayer intercessor. She is a graduate of the McNutt School of Healing Prayer […]

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Picture of Ward Brehm

Ward Brehm

Ward Brehm is a Twin Cities entrepreneur, leader in African humanitarian efforts, and nationally-known public speaker and commentator on relief and development in Africa. He was awarded […]

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Picture of Dan Britton

Dan Britton

Dan Britton is a husband, father, author, speaker, coach, and marathoner. His mission is to help people live intentionally, maximize relationships, and invest in the next […]

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Picture of Angela Burgin

Angela Burgin

Angela B. Logan is a self-proclaimed Author / Executive / Producer / Personality / Blogger / Advocate / Wife / Mom. She is a leading social […]

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Picture of Jerry Busone

Jerry Busone

Jerry Busone is a leadership development executive for a Fortune 500 company, but most people just call him Coach. Jerry began his career as a women’s basketball […]

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Picture of Danita Bye

Danita Bye

Danita Bye is a leadership and sales development expert with a master of arts in transformational leadership. She is founder of Sales Growth Specialists and serves […]

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Picture of Ember Canada

Ember Canada

Ember Canada is a sketch artist, painter, and writer. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Bethany Global University. In 2007, […]

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Picture of Ken Castor

Ken Castor

Ken Castor has devoted his life to empowering the next generations to pursue their calling in Jesus. He serves as a professor of youth ministry at […]

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Picture of Kim Chaffin

Kim Chaffin

Kim Chaffin sees God in the everyday things that others may so often find mundane. It’s in these day-to-day real-life situations that she finds lessons from […]

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Picture of Timothy Chambers

Timothy Chambers

Timothy Jerome Chambers is an American artist renown for his exquisite landscapes and portraits. While dealing with the gradual loss of his sight and hearing, he […]

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Picture of Marie Chapian

Marie Chapian

New York Times best-selling author of over thirty books, Marie Chapian passionately seeks the heart of God as she writes and ministers to people from all […]

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Picture of Yonggi Cho

Yonggi Cho

Yonggi Cho founded Yoido Full Gospel Church in May of 1958 with five members. It has since grown into the largest church in the world with […]

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Picture of Stephanie Chung

Stephanie Chung

Dr. Stephanie Chung graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in piano, completed graduate studies at USC, and received an honorary doctorate at Trinity Western […]

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Picture of Sandy Clough

Sandy Clough

Sandy Lynam Clough is both an author and an artist. She has written or illustrated 28 gift books and sold over one million of these books. […]

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Picture of Arnie Cole

Arnie Cole

Arnie Cole is the CEO of Back to the Bible and Director of Research and Development for the Center for Bible Engagement. He has spent much of his […]

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Picture of Maggie Combs

Maggie Combs

Maggie Combs is passionate about helping moms recognize their imperfections as opportunities for God’s unending strength. She is a mom of three busy boys: Isaac, Zander, […]

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Picture of Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books, including, Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts […]

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Picture of Kathleen Cooke

Kathleen Cooke

Kathleen Cooke is an actress, businesswoman, writer, speaker, and a founding partner (with husband, Phil Cooke) at Cooke Pictures and The Influence Lab in Burbank CA. […]

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Picture of Jay Coughlan

Jay Coughlan

Jay Coughlan served as CEO of such industry leaders as Lawson Software and XRS Corporation. During his tenure as CEO, the company grew in revenue from […]

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Picture of Michelle Cox

Michelle Cox

Michelle Cox is the award-winning, best-selling author of nine books and the creator of the Just 18 Summers® brand of parenting products and resources. She and […]

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Picture of Kim Crabill

Kim Crabill

Kim Crabill is the founder and president of Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc., and Community COFFEEs (Conversations of Friends of Faith to encourage and Equip), which […]

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Picture of Tahni Cullen

Tahni Cullen

Tahni Cullen is a people-lover, blogger, and conference speaker, who brings a powerful message of hope and restoration. She worked thirteen years at a multi-campus church […]

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Picture of Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt

Pulling from her unique life experiences, Michele Cushatt’s first book, a memoir titled Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life, was released in […]

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Picture of Ken Davis

Ken Davis

Ken is an award winning author of 12 books. The film “Fully Alive” based on my latest book by the same name was shown in theaters across the […]

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Picture of Janet DeCaster

Janet DeCaster

Janet DeCaster loves the Word of God and has a passion for equipping Christians, helping them to draw closer to Jesus by learning to be sensitive […]

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Picture of Chris Dupré

Chris Dupré

Chris Dupré carries within his heart one great desire: that people would know the depths of God’s great love for them. A pastor, teacher, author, worship leader, and spiritual […]

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Picture of Mark DuPré

Mark DuPré

Mark DuPré has done a lot of things, and he gets tired just thinking about it sometimes. He’s been a magazine writer, editor, and industry trainer. Right […]

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Picture of Tim Ehmann

Tim Ehmann

Tim Ehmann is best described as a prophetic rock ‘n’ roll musician, songwriter, and producer who writes, plays, and sings what he hears and feels God […]

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Picture of Timothy Eldred

Timothy Eldred

Timothy Eldred is a seasoned pastor, author, keynote speaker, and unrelenting voice for the next generation with a reputation for challenging the status quo. Tim speaks […]

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Picture of Ocieanna Fleiss

Ocieanna Fleiss

Ocieanna Fleiss has written three historical novels with Tricia Goyer: Summerside’s bestselling Love Finds You series. She pens a writing column and contributes to Seriously Write […]

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Picture of Kent Garborg

Kent Garborg

Along with over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, Kent Garborg is an active volunteer in his church and is co-founder and president of […]

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Picture of James W. Goll

James W. Goll

Dr. James W. Goll is the president of Encounters Network, the international director of Prayer Storm, and the founder of God Encounters Training – an eSchool […]

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Picture of Wayde Goodall

Wayde Goodall

Wayde Goodall is passionate to help Christians grow in their faith while understanding life disciplines and principles that encourage life balance and dynamic spiritual growth. Trained […]

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Picture of Greg and Julie Gorman

Greg and Julie Gorman

As entrepreneurs, certified life coaches, owners of small businesses, and most of all parents of two teenagers and a now twenty-something-year-old, GREG and JULIE GORMAN understand […]

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Picture of Chantelle Grace

Chantelle Grace

Chantelle Grace is a witty wordsmith who loves music, art, and competitive games. She is fascinated by God’s intricate design of the human body. As she […]

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Picture of Renae Brumbaugh Green

Renae Brumbaugh Green

Renae Brumbaugh Green is a two-time best-selling author, freelance writer, and award-winning humor columnist. She is married to Rick, a fellow teacher and musician, and they […]

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Picture of Tim Guraedy

Tim Guraedy

Tim Guraedy (known as Mountain Man) lives in West Monroe, Louisiana: the small town made famous by Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty. Mountain Man has been a beloved character on Duck Dynasty since […]

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Picture of Todd Hafer

Todd Hafer

Todd Hafer is an award-winning writer with more than 30 books to his credit. He is the co-author of Battlefield of the Mind for Teens, an […]

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Picture of Os Hillman

Os Hillman

Os Hillman is founder and president of Marketplace Leaders and author of more than two-dozen books including Change Agent and TGIF Today God Is First daily […]

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Picture of Kay Horner

Kay Horner

Kay Horner is the Executive Director of Awakening America Alliance and National Coordinator for the Cry Out America 9/11 Prayer Initiative. The Awakening America Alliance provides a broad umbrella under which […]

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Picture of David Housholder

David Housholder

David Housholder drives a tragically hip 1971 Volkswagen Bus up and down Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California where he surfs, writes, broadcasts, and leads Robinwood Church as Senior Pastor. […]

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Picture of T.W.S. Hunt

T.W.S. Hunt

T.W.S. HUNT is an Anglo-Canadian writer, educator, and speaker living near Calgary, Canada. He has worked in the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office, at The American Interest […]

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Picture of Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter is a healing minister, dynamic teacher, and accomplished author who has devoted her life to carry a message of hope, deliverance, and healing to […]

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Picture of Kathy Ide

Kathy Ide

Compiler and editor Kathy Ide has been a published author since 1989. She has written fiction and nonfiction books and is the author of Proofreading Secrets […]

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Picture of Jackelyn Viera Iloff

Jackelyn Viera Iloff

Jackelyn Viera Iloff is a senior advisor and minister at Joel Osteen Ministries/Lakewood Church. She oversees the office of special projects and is responsible for envisioning […]

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Picture of Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson is best known for her six seasons on Saturday Night Live, 1986–1992, and has also appeared in many films. Vicki was raised in a […]

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Picture of Sean Jensen

Sean Jensen

After he was adopted from South Korea, Sean Jensen’s first American Dream was to…join the Professional Bowlers Association.Seriously. He was in a league and everything.But a […]

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Picture of Jason Jimenez

Jason Jimenez

Jason Jimenez is a pastor, apologist and national speaker who has ministered to families for over fifteen years. He is the founder and president of re|shift […]

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Picture of Erin Jons

Erin Jons

Erin Jons is a self-taught artist who enjoys the intricacies of creativity. Her relationship with paper and ink began in 1998 as she drew, sketched, and […]

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Picture of Cecil O. Kemp Jr.

Cecil O. Kemp Jr.

Cecil O. Kemp, Jr. is a life coach, leadership mentor, a sought after speaker, and author of ten books. A successful CPA, business owner, and executive, […]

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Picture of Larry Julian

Larry Julian

Larry Julian is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach who helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners successfully lead with their faith and values. Larry […]

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Picture of Erin & Jill Kelly

Erin & Jill Kelly

Erin is the oldest daughter of Jim and Jill Kelly. She has always had a passion for writing, journaling, and sharing her faith. A sought-after speaker […]

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Picture of Patricia King

Patricia King

Patricia King has been a pioneering voice in Christian ministry for more than 30 years. She is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, media host, producer and […]

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Picture of Kim Knight

Kim Knight

Kim Knight holds a Master of Education in Office Administration/Business Education and taught business skills at the college level for many years. During her teaching career, […]

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Picture of Kim Boyce Koreiba

Kim Boyce Koreiba

Kim is a former Miss Florida and Top Ten Semi-Finalist in the Miss America Pageant who went on to a highly successful career in Christian music. […]

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Picture of Vicki Kuyper

Vicki Kuyper

Vicki Kuyper is an author and freelance writer who has journeyed to more than forty different countries including Cambodia, China, Estonia, and Tunisia. When Vicki isn’t on the road, she […]

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Picture of Kevin Leman

Kevin Leman

Internationally known Christian psychologist, award-winning author and New York Times bestselling author of Have A New Kid by Friday, radio and television personality, and speaker.  Dr. […]

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Picture of Adonis Lenzy

Adonis Lenzy

Adonis Lenzy is the senior associate pastor of Oasis Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves to speak to people from all walks and stages of life, encouraging them to […]

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Picture of Wendy Simpson Little

Wendy Simpson Little

Wendy Simpson Little is the owner and broker of a small real estate company in Central California.  In her previous careers, she has been a stay at […]

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Picture of Samson Logan

Samson Logan

Samson Logan is a gold selling recording artist whose soulful sound struck a cord with fans and earned him two Top 20 Urban Adult Contemporary Hits […]

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Picture of Timothy P. Mahoney

Timothy P. Mahoney

Timothy P. Mahoney co-wrote, directed, and produced “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus”, his first feature documentary film. Building upon a successful career in advertising and media […]

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Picture of Ken Mansfield

Ken Mansfield

Ken Mansfield’s legendary career in the music industry began as a member of the Town Criers, a successful southern California folk group in the early 1960s. From there he […]

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Picture of Debby Mayne

Debby Mayne

Debby Mayne has published more than 30 books and novellas, 400 short stories and articles, and a slew of devotions for women. She has also worked […]

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Picture of Alex McFarland

Alex McFarland

Alex McFarland is a speaker, author, and advocate for Christian apologetics. Alex is the founder and president of the national apologetic conference Truth for a New […]

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Picture of Masey McLain

Masey McLain

Masey McLain is a speaker and actress, best known for her role as Rachel Joy Scott in the feature film I’m Not Ashamed. Masey learned from […]

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Picture of Sonya McNair

Sonya McNair

Sonya McNair is an executive corporate strategist who counsels Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and executives on the implementation and sustaining of strategic initiatives, operations, and […]

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Picture of Brennan McPherson

Brennan McPherson

Brennan McPherson has always wanted to tell stories, but it wasn’t until his junior year in college that he built up the nerve to try. Three […]

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Picture of Audrey Meisner

Audrey Meisner

Audrey Meisner is a best-selling author, speaker, TV host at, and founder of Love Married Life®. Audrey has her doctorate in ministry and her heartfelt […]

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Picture of Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Karen Moore has an M.A. in Education, is a former creative director and editorial consultant with American Greetings, Gibson Greetings and DaySpring Cards and Guideposts. Karen […]

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Picture of Cecil Murphey

Cecil Murphey

Cecil Murphey has written or cowritten more than 135 books, including the New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper) and Gifted Hands: […]

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Picture of Jeff Nesbit

Jeff Nesbit

I’m the executive director of Climate Nexus, a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in New York funded by a number of foundations including the Skoll […]

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Picture of Suzanne Niles

Suzanne Niles

Suzanne Niles is the public relations and media representative for The Salvation Army Vision Network. Suzanne has worked in different facets of the entertainment business for several […]

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Picture of Robert Noland

Robert Noland

Robert began his writing career as a songwriter in 1983, then spent the next 10 years as a touring musician, songwriter, and producer, penning lyrics for […]

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Picture of Ryan O’Quinn

Ryan O’Quinn

Ryan’s everyman approach to comedy has given him a unique voice to say exactly what most people are thinking.As an actor, comedian, and daddy, not necessarily in […]

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Picture of Kevin Ott

Kevin Ott

Kevin is a Christian author of non-fiction and fiction books, the music reviewer and movie critic for the Christian entertainment site, a contributor to Vital […]

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Picture of Diane Paddison

Diane Paddison

Diane Paddison, 4word women Founder and Executive Director, is a Harvard MBA and former global executive of two Fortune 500 companies and one Fortune 1000 company. […]

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Picture of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page serves as the Mid-Atlantic Vice President of Field Ministry for FCA. As a twenty-year medical fitness leader and former National Director of FCA Health […]

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Picture of Jesse Paine

Jesse Paine

Jesse Paine is a follower of Christ, husband, and father of three. He is a licensed attorney in Kansas and Tennessee, real estate investor, and business […]

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Picture of Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine is a child of God, wife, homeschool mom of three, speaker, and author of New York Times best-seller Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. In […]

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Picture of J. Parker

J. Parker

J. Parker has been writing at the Hot, Holy & Humorous blog since 2010, using a biblical perspective and a blunt sense of humor to foster […]

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Picture of Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed. is a pastor’s wife, mother of two little boys and a lover of all things home. She is a business […]

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Picture of Jay Payleitner

Jay Payleitner

Prior to becoming a full-time speaker and author of more than 20 books, Jay Payleitner served as freelance radio producer for a wide range of international […]

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Picture of Joe Pellegrino

Joe Pellegrino

Joe Pellegrino is the founder and president of Legacy Minded Men, publisher of Life & Leisure, LLC, and president of Not Just an Average Joe, LLC, […]

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Picture of John Perrodin

John Perrodin

John Perrodin is an attorney, speaker, and journalist, who wrote 3-Minute Devotions for Grads and contributed to various devotional volumes including The Spirit Calling. He lives […]

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Picture of Trish Perry

Trish Perry

Award-winning novelist Trish Perry has written nine inspirational romances for and has co-authored two devotionals. Five of her novels have placed or won in RWA award […]

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Picture of Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips

Dr. Tom Phillips is vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and executive director of The Billy Graham Library. He has also served as the […]

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Picture of Sarah Philpott

Sarah Philpott

Sarah Philpott, PhD lives in Tennessee on a sprawling cattle farm where she raises her three mischievous children and is a farmwife to her high-school sweetheart. […]

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Picture of Michele Pillar

Michele Pillar

Author, speaker, singer and 3-time GRAMMY and DOVE nominee, Michele Pillar has a testimony that everyone who has ever needed help to overcome anything should hear! […]

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Picture of Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill was born in 1907 in the city of Leeds, in Yorkshire, England. After his conversion to Christ, he was trained for the ministry at […]

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Picture of Jack Redmond

Jack Redmond

Jack Redmond is the founder and president of Fourth Generation Ministries and associate pastor of church growth and evangelism at Christ Church in Rockaway, New Jersey. […]

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Picture of Tara McClary Reeves

Tara McClary Reeves

Tara McClary Reeves is a wife, mother, speaker, award-winning children’s book author, and passionate teacher of the joys and challenges that come with being a committed […]

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Picture of Steve Repak

Steve Repak

Steve Repak is a Certified Financial Planner®, financial literacy speaker, Army veteran, and author of Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money (2012). He […]

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Picture of Keith Repult

Keith Repult

Keith Repult, once the owner of the second largest porn distribution company in the country and one of the top ten manufacturing companies in the world, […]

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Picture of Cheryl Ricker

Cheryl Ricker

Cheryl Ricker is an author, blogger, speaker, and poet who enjoys all things artsy. She writes supernatural true-life stories that ignite people’s passion to pursue God. […]

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Picture of Shari Rigby

Shari Rigby

Shari Rigby made her start modeling and doing commercials. After moving to Los Angeles, she began a career in acting at an age when most actresses were […]

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Picture of Mickey Robinson

Mickey Robinson

A plane crash in 1968 consumed half of Mickey’s body in third-degree burns. Mickey entered heaven and was given a mission to bring a life-giving message of hope back […]

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Picture of Angela Ray Rodgers

Angela Ray Rodgers

Angela Ray Rodgers is a native of Liberty, Kentucky. She is happily married to her husband, Jeff, and mom to two wonderful children, Isaiah and Grace […]

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Picture of Gretchen Rodriguez

Gretchen Rodriguez

Gretchen Rodriguez is a writer and author of award-winning fiction. Her heart burns with one main message: Intimacy with Jesus and discovering the reality of His […]

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Picture of Michael Ross

Michael Ross

Michael Ross is an award-winning journalist and the author, co-author, and collaborator of more than 32 books, including a Gold Medallion winner BOOM: A Guy’s Guide to Growing […]

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Picture of Don Schanzenbach

Don Schanzenbach

A long time outspoken advocate of recapturing culture for Christ, Don Schanzenbach has a passion for spreading a biblical message of cultural renewal, and believes a […]

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Picture of Katie Scheller

Katie Scheller

Katie Scheller was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. After her fall from the corporate ladder and subsequent time in prison, she felt led to establish […]

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Picture of Troy Schmidt

Troy Schmidt

Troy Schmidt was a producer for the GSN game show The American Bible Challenge starring Jeff Foxworthy, working on the pilot and all three seasons. He […]

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Picture of C.K. Sharpe

C.K. Sharpe

C.K. Sharpe was in corporate management before retiring in 2009. As a volunteer for several worthy organizations during her lifetime, she has shared biblical principles and […]

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Picture of Mike Shea

Mike Shea

In recovery himself, and part of a faith-based recovery ministry—Serenity Village—for 10 years, Mike Shea has written in these pages essential, yet practical, tools for those who […]

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Picture of Levi Gideon Shepherd

Levi Gideon Shepherd

Levi Gideon Shepherd is a man with a lifetime’s worth of struggles in just thirty years. It might be fitting to describe Levi as an old […]

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Picture of Fred Sievert

Fred Sievert

Fred Sievert is a speaker, author, and former president of New York Life Insurance Company. Following his early retirement at age fifty-nine, Sievert attended Yale Divinity […]

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Picture of Dr. Brian Simmons

Dr. Brian Simmons

Dr. Simmons is known as a passionate lover of God. After a dramatic conversion to Christ, Brian knew that God was calling him to go to […]

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Picture of Mary Manz Simon

Mary Manz Simon

Dr. Mary Manz Simon has built a career out of carpools and soccer games. Under the umbrella of practical parenting advice, her books have sold more […]

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Picture of William Sirls

William Sirls

Born on April 3, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, to a construction worker and a homemaker, William Sirls grew up as the youngest of six children. Active […]

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Picture of Mark Smeby

Mark Smeby

Mark Smeby is a Nashville-based author, speaker, and singer/songwriter who is all about hope—creating products, resources, and live events all focused around the topic. He travels […]

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Picture of Kendra Smiley

Kendra Smiley

Kendra Smiley is a popular author and speaker, ministering to women nationally and internationally. She brings wit and wisdom to her writing, speaking, and national radio […]

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Picture of Laura Harris Smith

Laura Harris Smith

Laura Harris Smith and her husband, Chris, are the founding pastors of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee. Laura has been in television since age […]

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Picture of Sam Sorbo

Sam Sorbo

Until recently, Sam Sorbo hosted nationally syndicated The Sam Sorbo Show. An accomplished actress, author, and international model, in 2015 Sam performed in Just Let Go, […]

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Picture of T.C. Stallings

T.C. Stallings

T.C. Stallings is a former professional athlete now starring in the movie War Room. After stunning football campaigns in both high school and college, T.C. went […]

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Picture of Brian Sutton

Brian Sutton

Brian Sutton is the Executive Director of Discipleship and Leadership Development for a leading Christian denomination serving in 135 nations. Serving as a lead pastor for 25 […]

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Picture of Renee Swope

Renee Swope

Renee Swope is the best-selling author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book, now available in six different languages. She is also co-host […]

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Picture of Marshall Terrill

Marshall Terrill

Marshall Terrill is a veteran film, sports, and music writer and the author of nearly twenty books, including best-selling biographies of Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and Pete Maravich. Three […]

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Picture of Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

GARY THOMAS is writer-in-residence at Second Baptist Church in Houston, a frequent guest on Focus on the Family and FamilyLife Today radio, and a popular speaker. […]

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Picture of John Turnipseed

John Turnipseed

John Turnipseed, a former gang leader and drug dealer, is a community leader, pastor, speaker, facilitator, and has written parenting curriculum. For more than 15 years, John was the […]

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Picture of Chris Vennetti

Chris Vennetti

Chris Vennetti is the Co-Founder of the 40 Days of Love, an initiative that seeks to empower Christ-followers in a lifestyle of prayer, care, share evangelism. […]

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Picture of Russell Verhey

Russell Verhey

Russell Verhey is an entrepreneur, leadership advocate, and consultant walking alongside leaders in coaching discussions that result in life and organizational change. He facilitates leadership forums […]

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Picture of Dan Wallrath

Dan Wallrath

Dan Wallrath was a custom homebuilder in Texas for thirty years.Following a request to remodel the home of a wounded Marine in 2005, Dan founded Operation […]

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Picture of Jimmy Wayne

Jimmy Wayne

Jimmy Wayne is a former foster kid turned country music singer/songwriter whose songs, story, and walk halfway across America in 2010 continue to help bring awareness to […]

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Picture of Jason Weber

Jason Weber

Jason Weber is passionate about helping people solve big problems by working together. Jason and his wife, Trisha, have been caring for children from U.S. foster […]

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Picture of Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson is the Founder of Wanderlust Productions, a film/television production company that focuses on creating media that creatively and powerfully advances the kingdom of God […]

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Picture of Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson

Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson

Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson are authors of 7 Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage and cofounders of Supernatural Marriage and Missions, created to encourage Spirit-led intimacy […]

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