Wisdom Walks Faux Leather Gift Edition

Wisdom Walks Faux Leather Gift Edition

52 Life Principles for a Significant and Meaningful Journey

By Dan Britton
and Jimmy Page



About 'Wisdom Walks Faux Leather Gift Edition'


Live intentionally. Maximize relationships. Pass the torch.

 Wisdom Walks is your guide for walking purposefully with God, engaging the next generation, and leading the life of significance that you were created for.
Filled with fifty-two intentional, spiritual, life-changing connections, Wisdom Walks will inspire and challenge you to love unconditionally, walk with integrity, make a difference in the lives of others, and do greater things than you’ve ever imagined.
Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime!

ISBN 9781424561148


256 Pages



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About the Authors

Picture of Dan Britton

Dan Britton

Dan Britton is a husband, father, author, speaker, coach, and marathoner. His mission is to help people live intentionally, maximize relationships, and invest in the next generation. As a lacrosse fanatic, he has played and coached lacrosse for over 40 years and even played professionally with the Baltimore Thunder. He has coauthored four books, One Word That Will Change Your Life, WisdomWalks, True Competitor, and Called to Greatness; and also authored and edited 12 additional books. Dan’s been interviewed by national outlets like FOX News, CBS News, and Fast Company. He serves as the International Executive Vice President with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and travels extensively around the world training thousands of coaches and athletes and works with over 50 countries. He is married to his high school sweetheart; and yes, all three of his children play lacrosse . . .

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Picture of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page serves as the Mid-Atlantic Vice President of Field Ministry for FCA. As a twenty-year medical fitness leader and former National Director of FCA Health & Fitness, he hosts Fit Fridays on 95.1 SHINE FM. Jimmy is an author of four best-selling books WisdomWalks, WisdomWalks Sports, PrayFit, and One Word That Will Change Your Life. He is a coach, cyclist and triathlete. He and his wife, Ivelisse, started a cancer foundation called believebig.org following her victory over cancer. They reside in Maryland with their four children . . .

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