Jokes for Kids – Bundle 1

Jokes for Kids – Bundle 1

Actually, Literally, Srsly, Best Jokes Ever

By Chantelle Grace




About 'Jokes for Kids – Bundle 1'


What do librarians take with them when they go fishing?

The next time your young comedian is looking to serve up priceless entertainment, share this Jokes for Kids bundle.

If you think you’ve heard every joke in the book, think again. This 4-in-1 joke book combines the best jokes ever from our best-selling joke books, and it’s sure to have you throwing your head back and laughing out loud.

ISBN 9781424566532


384 Pages



Carton Quantity: 48

About the Author

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Chantelle Grace

Chantelle Grace is a witty wordsmith who loves music, art, and competitive games. She is fascinated by God’s intricate design of the human body. As she works her way through medical school, she knows it’s important to share the gift of laughter with those around her. When she’s not studying abroad, she makes her home in Prior Lake, Minnesota . . .

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