Woke Jesus

Woke Jesus

Saving the World from a False Messiah

By Lucas Miles



About 'Woke Jesus'


Cancel Woke Christianity.
In Woke Jesus, bestselling author Lucas Miles exposes the Christian Left’s newest heretical iteration: woke Christianity. Like all heresy, woke Christianity is rooted in an element of truth—God’s opposition to injustice—but envelops it with a compelling yet insidious web of anti-biblical ideologies.
Critical Theory, including Critical Race Theory and liberation theology, comes not only from Marxist elites and social justice activists but also from our own pulpits, creating a schism that may arguably rival the doctrinal differences of the Protestant Reformation.
Until now, few have untangled this deeply confusing tapestry of lies clearly enough for the rest of us to understand. In Woke Jesus, you will become equipped to
  • cut through woke rhetoric and see its peril,
  • recognize woke Christianity infiltrating your own church,
  • engage in and combat woke arguments, and
  • take a stand for biblical truth.
Wake up to the dangers of woke ideology in the church and become a voice for true biblical values.

ISBN 9781424564552


192 Pages



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Lucas Miles

Lucas Miles is a writer, speaker, film producer, and president of The Nfluence Network. Lucas serves as the lead pastor of Nfluence Church, is the host of The Lucas Miles Show, and is a cohost of The Church Boys. He is also the principal and founder of Miles Media, Inc. Lucas and his wife, Krissy, reside in Indiana . . .

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