Winter with God

Winter with God

40-Day Devotional: Hope for the Spirit, Strength for the Soul

By T.W.S. Hunt





About 'Winter with God'


This 40-day devotional deals as much with God’s absence as His presence, for it is about the spiritual season of winter—a time when the light of faith has dimmed and the warmth of love has cooled.

Written with a mystic’s heart, a scholar’s mind, and a poet’s pen, Winter with God is a profound meditation on the opportunities and challenges we face when our relationship with God seems dormant, endangered, or simply one-sided.

Suitable for both longtime pilgrims and the newfound faithful (or faithless), this rich and compelling devotional about winter with God—a season through which every soul must pass—shows how the hardest season to experience can also be the most rewarding to endure.

Discover hope for your spirit and strength for your soul.

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T.W.S. Hunt

T.W.S. HUNT is an Anglo-Canadian writer, educator, and speaker living near Calgary, Canada. He has worked in the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office, at The American Interest magazine, and studied at the University of Oxford, Trinity Western University, Regent College, and the University of British Columbia . . .

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