Win Some

Win Some

5 proven life strategies to win in relationships

By Brian Slipka





About 'Win Some'


Meet Sam Masterson, an aging professional baseball player who feels he can’t catch a break. In most conversations, Sam strikes out, causing strained relationships wherever he is. Self-absorbed and distracted, Sam tries to rehab his aching body so no one will notice his diminishing prowess. Then a public debacle threatens to end his career.
Just when things appear hopeless, the team’s clubbie befriends Sam and teaches him five tools for developing positive and authentic relationships. Using these tools, Sam begins to change his self-centered communication and negative outlook in hopes of helping his family, restoring his place on the team, and re-establishing trust.
In Win Some, author Brian Slipka wraps vital relational skills inside an inspiring life story. Learn how to shift your mindset from selfish ambition to wanting the best for others, so you can engage in meaningful relationships at work, home, and play.

ISBN 9781424568642


144 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Brian Slipka

Brian Slipka

Brian Slipka is the owner of the True North Family of Companies, which includes over twenty companies with combined annual revenues of nearly a quarter-billion dollars. He leads a group of diverse main street organizations as well as the philanthropic arm, True
North Family Foundation, and serves on the boards of several for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Slipka credits his faith, commitment to servant leadership, and ability to build trusting relationships as the bedrock of his success. He resides in Minnesota with his wife, Megan, and their two children . . .

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