Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

Answering Life’s Most Important Question

By Ray Comfort


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About 'Why Jesus?'


Jesus is our hope.

The world offers countless choices for how to live and who to follow. With each conflicting option, we’re often left uncertain and confused in our search for truth and meaning.
Ray Comfort has spent decades pointing people to Jesus. Now he describes how you, too, can share the truth and love of the Lord with confidence to a world that needs hope. Taking you step-by-step through real-life evangelistic conversations, Why Jesus? will help you
  • recognize Jesus as the only path to everlasting life,
  • identify lies that distort humanity’s view of God, and
  • use the Bible to highlight our need of the Savior.
Surrender your fears and trust God’s faithfulness to transform lives as you share the good news with those around you.

ISBN 9781424566105


288 Pages


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Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the best-selling author of more than one hundred books. He is the cohost of an award-winning television program that airs in 190 countries and the producer of award-winning movies that have been viewed by millions (see www.FullyFreeFilms.com). He lives in Southern California with his wife, Sue, and has three grown children. For more information, visit LivingWaters.com . . .

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