The Truth will set you Free

By Michele Pillar



About 'Untangled'


Untangled describes in one word what each of us long for: freedom. But what happens when life’s fumbles get buried in the chambers of our souls? Our minds tend to forget, but our hearts never do. And if we are not careful, we learn how to live walking with a limp.
Untangled is the story of how God helped unravel the hurt and hopelessness that had Michele tangled up for so long. Knot by knot, chapter by chapter, you will travel with God through Michele’s life and witness true redemption, leaving you hungry to experience the same deep healing.
While the places and events are Michele’s, Untangled is also your story. It will help you cling to Jesus when you’re questioning how God could possibly love you or if you have made a wrong turn and are wondering how to get back.
Get untangled and move from a faith that no longer fits into a deeper, authentic relationship with Jesus.

ISBN 9781424552948


176 Pages



Carton Quantity: 72

About the Author

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Michele Pillar

Author, speaker, singer and 3-time GRAMMY and DOVE nominee, Michele Pillar has a testimony that everyone who has ever needed help to overcome anything should hear! Her journey of courage began at age nine while hiding under her twin bed to escape the effects of her parents’ alcohol abuse. But when Michele looks back at those days, she feels only gratitude. Michele says, “There is no better way to experience the powerful hand of God than to watch Him heal the human spirit of such travesties. Once healed, these negative experiences are dwarfed and God uses them to heal others through someone like me. I am no different than anyone else. I just talk about true-to-life happenings in front of crowds of people. That’s why God allowed my beginnings to be as they were. He knew . . .

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