Release Expectations, Embrace Imperfection, and Connect to God's Superpower

By Maggie Combs





About 'Unsupermommy'


Imperfections are opportunities to receive God’s unending strength.

No mother can live up to supermommy expectations. Thankfully, God isn’t looking for perfection. He’s calling on imperfect moms to be faithfully plugged into his superpowers.

In Unsupermommy, Maggie delves into expectations every new mom faces—for her baby, personal appearance, housekeeping, marriage, parenting, and more. She shares that by having three babies in three years God used the trenches of motherhood to transform her life, releasing her from the pressure of perfection. Her desire is to see discouraged moms freed from expectations prevalent in society, social media, blogs, and even our own hearts.

Maggie’s candid motherhood story will inspire you to embrace your own imperfection as a means to receiving God’s grace. You don’t need to be a supermommy when you rely on a superpowered God.

ISBN 9781424554119


160 Pages



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About the Author

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Maggie Combs

Maggie Combs is passionate about helping moms recognize their imperfections as opportunities for God’s unending strength. She is a mom of three busy boys: Isaac, Zander, and Judah. She blames their unending energy and solid build completely on her tall, active husband, Wes. Maggie grew up dreaming of motherhood because she assumed it would increase her social life. She thought wrong. Now Maggie uses her stolen moments to write about the down and dirty realities of motherhood, occasionally getting these thoughts corralled online on Instagram (@unsupermommy) or her blog www.unsupermommy.com. She escapes from the crazy by spending quality time with her husband…and her kindle . . .

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