The Triumphant Church

The Triumphant Church

What Happens when Ordinary People Are Empowered by an Extraordinary God

By Tony Suarez




About 'The Triumphant Church'


The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.

Some Christians are intensely critical and even fearful of what the twenty-first-century church is becoming—citing its lack of holiness, compassion, biblical literacy, relevance to the world, and more. But when has the church not faced tribulation?
In The Triumphant Church, Tony Suárez invites you to journey with him as he examines the birth and growth of Jesus' glorious church—full of flaws and imperfect people, yet beautifully and wonderfully made. Using the stories from Acts, Tony encourages you to:

  • invest in the church instead of leaving it.
  • prioritize unity amidst threats of division.
  • trust God to fulfill his promises when facing doubt and fear.
  • expect the best from God when you hear the worst from the world.
  • rise up and make disciples.
We are trusted by God to carry out His mission of sharing the gospel to all nations. The noise in the news that says the church is in decline is simply not true. The body of Christ continues to grow and show that what God promises, He fulfills.

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About the Author

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Tony Suarez

Rev. Tony Suárez is an author, speaker, and pastor. He also serves as the executive vice president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (CONEL), the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization serving more than 40,000 congregations in the US and hundreds of thousands of congregations in the international Spanish-speaking diaspora. Tony lives in Virginia Beach with his family . . .

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