The Rancher's Gift

The Rancher's Gift

A Modern Day Parable of Living a Life on Purpose

By Dennis Worden
and Jeff Dunn





About 'The Rancher's Gift'


We are not promised more than today.
Thus we need to live our legacy now,
with focus and integrity.

Ryan Westcott is ready to step into the family business, armed with a fresh MBA degree from a prestigious business school. Yet his father has other ideas. He feels Ryan needs more education—but not the kind one gets from a school. Ryan is sent to his uncle’s Montana ranch to learn, in short, how to be a man.

While Ryan helps his uncle build a barn, he learns life lessons about health, work, finances, education, selfessness, humility, and most important of all, love.

Ryan meets the richest man in the county, only to find riches are not always counted in dollars and cents. And then there is Kayla, the pretty country lass who awakens deep feelings in Ryan he never knew he had, and challenges him to live a life of true purpose. Along the trail, Ryan meets one more person, one who will upend all else and change his life forever.

There is more to life than just what we see in our limited view. Come travel the “Big Sky” country with Ryan, and find the purposeful life that awaits you. 

Bonus: Also included is The Rancher’s Guide to Living Life on Purpose to help you reflect and discover your purpose in living.

ISBN 9781424556489


160 Pages



Carton Quantity: 48

About the Authors

Picture of Dennis Worden

Dennis Worden

Dennis Worden is known as a motivated, visionary leader. He is an outstanding communicator in encouraging individuals and organizations to press beyond mediocrity and rise to excellence, to live life on purpose. Dennis and his wife, Gayle, three daughters, husbands, and ten grandkids live in Atlanta, Georgia . . .

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Picture of Jeff Dunn

Jeff Dunn

Jeff Dunn lives and works in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has one wife, three children and five grandchildren. He writes books, articles and blogs, and reads everything he can get his hands on . . .

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