The Power to Be: A 40-Day Devotional

The Power to Be: A 40-Day Devotional

Be Still, Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Courageous

By Twila Belk





About 'The Power to Be: A 40-Day Devotional'


God gives us the power to be all he created us to be.

Sure, that’s easy for you to say, but you don’t know what I’m dealing with. Is that what you’re thinking? The good news is that it is possible to be still, grateful, strong, and courageous—even when undergoing trials, facing unknowns, battling fears, or struggling with feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. It all has to do with where your focus is.

In this beautifully hopeful book, Twila shares important truths and helps you shift your attention from situations and self to a big God. Learn as she shares how:
  • what we focus on becomes magnified.
  • our circumstances don’t change who God is; they show us who God is.
  • the better we know God, the more we can trust him.
This forty-day devotional contains encouraging readings, Scripture verses, prayers, and daily affirmations, all revealing that you indeed have the power to be.

ISBN 9781424556045


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Twila Belk

Twila, aka “The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal,” is a writer and speaker who loves braggin’ on God. In addition to Raindrops from Heaven, she has written or co-written five books and contributed to several others.Her most recent titles (co-authored with bestselling author Cecil Murphey) include I Believe in Healing: Real Stories from the Bible, History, and Today, and I Believe in Heaven: Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today . . .

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