The Love Project

The Love Project

Transform Your World With Daily Intentional Love and Practical Encouragement

By Chris Dupré





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About 'The Love Project'


Life is about know love, and then just as freely as you have received it, to give it away to a world that is in desperate need of real and authentic affection and encouragement. 

What if you could see yourself in a whole new way? What freedom could you walk in if you could see yourself as God sees you? 

The Love Project will inspire you to see and enjoy God’s great affection for you, and in so doing, allow you to be a catalyst to help others transform their own perspective of who they are and how they see themselves. 

It is not just the journey of a lifetime; it is the journey for a lifetime. Watch your life, and those around you, turn from ordinary to extraordinary as day after day you live out The Love Project

ISBN 9781424549153


160 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Chris Dupré

Chris Dupré

Chris Dupré carries within his heart one great desire: that people would know the depths of God’s great love for them. A pastor, teacher, author, worship leader, and spiritual father to many, Chris may best be known for his beautiful song, “Dance With Me.”Chris and his wife Laura–parents of three lovely girls and four beautiful grandchildren–reside in Franklin, Tennessee . . .

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