The Liberty Book

The Liberty Book

How Freedom Can & Will Be Won

By John Bona
and Don Schanzenbach





About 'The Liberty Book'


News reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulations too many to number. America is losing its heritage of God-given freedoms, which were originally derived from biblical teaching. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return.
The Liberty Book examines the Christian roots of liberty, idolatry, taxation, foundations for freedom, the right to bear arms, the great freedom documents in history, pro-life and liberty, land rights, social involvement, and more.
With God’s help freedom can be revived. We must all work to pull America back from the cliffs-edge fall into tyranny. Our nation is again in search of genuine liberty under God. Discover what Bible-based liberty looks like and how it can be won for you and your children.

ISBN 9781424552894


256 Pages



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About the Authors

Picture of John Bona

John Bona

A firm believer in the American free enterprise system, John Bona calls on his 30-plus years of experience as an owner of Park ‘N Go to shape his views and spread a message on the importance for Christians to promote religious, economic, and political liberty. In commerce, Mr. Bona has started new businesses throughout America, creating at least 500 new jobs in the process. John has been married to Carol for forty years and has four grown children and eight grandchildren . . .

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Picture of Don Schanzenbach

Don Schanzenbach

A long time outspoken advocate of recapturing culture for Christ, Don Schanzenbach has a passion for spreading a biblical message of cultural renewal, and believes a clear understanding of the Bible gives Christians many reasons to look to the future in hope. Don holds an MA in Applied Biblical Studies, and has been thinking, writing, and speaking on Christian culture for two decades with his ministry Mission to Restore America. Don has been married to his wife, Christine, for forty years, and has three grown children and two grandchildren . . .

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