The Illuminated Messiah Bible

The Illuminated Messiah Bible

66 Portraits of Jesus (KJV)


Faux Leather



About 'The Illuminated Messiah Bible'


The infallible, living Word of God as penned in the majestic King James Version has had a powerful influence on language and literature since 1611. Developed by scholars and entwined with poetic cadence and vivid imagery, this version of the Bible is the standard by which all translations are measured and the most printed book of all time.
The Illuminated Messiah Bible harkens back to the handcrafted Bibles from medieval times. Within these pages is a beautiful collection of sixty-six original portraits of Jesus from each book of the Bible. Every Messianic theme from Genesis to Revelation is illuminated in spectacular fashion with a detailed treatise by the artist explaining the theology behind every brushstroke.
Grow your Christian faith as you immerse yourself in the beauty and truth found in these trusted words.

ISBN 9781424566600


1216 Pages


Faux Leather / Fine Binding

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