The Healing Names of Jesus

The Healing Names of Jesus

Find Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

By Jenita Pace





About 'The Healing Names of Jesus'


Discover healing power in the person of God.

Countless Christians face depression and anxiety, yet few resources address these challenges through both a spiritual and therapeutic lens.

The Healing Names of Jesus explores thirty-one names of God to help you deepen your understanding of who he is, find meaning in your pain, and renew your strength. Written by a licensed professional counselor with personal experience, this devotional combines the power of the gospel with proven coping strategies to offer healing to those battling depression and anxiety. Each entry includes
• an inspirational reading from the Bible,
• a compelling story,
an interactive exercise, and
an encouraging prayer.

The more you understand God, the less power your dark thoughts and feelings have over you. Draw closer to him and let hope color your world again.

ISBN 9781424562763


192 Pages



Carton Quantity: 40

Group Experience Guide

It is essential to have a community with whom you can weather difficult times. A free group experience guide for The Healing Names of Jesus is available for download below. It includes a discussion guide and additional insights into the material, as well as suggestions on how to form a healthy group. The format is designed to last seven weeks. May you find growth and healing as you join with others in pursuing healing together.

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About the Author

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Jenita Pace

Jenita Pace, MA. Ed, LPC began her passionate pursuit to help people who battle depression in 2001 after overcoming her own battle and now runs a private practice in Minnesota. She is also an adjunct professor for Northwestern University and has been involved in film projects designed to educate the church on how to care for those with depression . . .

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