The Bulletproof Leader

The Bulletproof Leader

Revealing, Realigning, and Restoring the Heart of a Leader

By Glenn Dorsey





About 'The Bulletproof Leader'


Stop hiding and experience healing.
Leaders share a unique challenge in bridging the gap between their public and personal lives. Unrealistic pressures and demands encourage many to hide or minimize their weaknesses and mistakes. Those who refuse to address their issues privately are often later forced to confront their troubles publicly, leaving them in disgrace. 
In The Bulletproof Leader, Glenn Dorsey offers a fresh approach that centers on the development of a leader as a person complete with faults, failures, and feelings. Each chapter contains real-life applications, practical wisdom, and biblical principles, coaching readers on how to
  • embrace authenticity,
  • conquer flaws,
  • establish boundaries,
  • develop personal accountability, and
  • cultivate a balanced life.
Become the leader you are meant to be and leave a legacy of blessing. 

ISBN 9781424564088


176 Pages



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Glenn Dorsey

Glenn Dorsey is a renowned leader, international conference speaker, author, and pastor. He conducts annual conferences designed to equip and train the next generation of leaders in the United States. Glenn is an avid golfer who also enjoys fishing and hunting. He and his wife, Gladys, have two children and five grandchildren . . .

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