Relationships over Rules

Relationships over Rules

7 Principles to Lead Gracefully and Love Generously

By David Hoffman





About 'Relationships over Rules'


Your path to purpose begins with people.
Relationships. We know that we need them, but busy schedules, financial pursuits, and self-serving agendas often distract us from the people God has placed in our lives.
Overcoming a childhood that lacked true relationships, CEO David Hoffman successfully broke the rules of a transaction-based world by founding a real estate company focused on meeting people where they are. In Relationships over Rules, David shares his journey and seven principles you can adopt to build authentic relationships that will help you
  • welcome opportunities for growth and service,
  • reach your potential regardless of your past,
  • live with perspective and gratitude, and
  • fulfill the great plans God has for you.
Guided by true stories and application exercises, watch your life transform as you pour yourself into those around you. You can achieve lasting success when you put relationships first.

ISBN 9781424566648


224 Pages



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David Hoffman

David Hoffman is the founder of David Hoffman Realty, an Inc. 5000 company, as well as Covenant First Mortgage and Beyond Title. His work on real estate and economics has been published in major media outlets, and he is an international speaker on the value of relationships. David currently lives in Marvin, North Carolina, with his wife and two boys . . .

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