Reckless Grace Study Guide

Reckless Grace Study Guide

By Bill Vanderbush
and Brit Eaton





About 'Reckless Grace Study Guide'


Encounter the relentless, radical, and reckless grace of God.

In Reckless Grace, Bill Vanderbush and Brit Eaton challenged our understanding of forgiveness using powerful biblical evidence and showed us how to step into the fullness of grace, bringing reconciliation and restoration to our relationships.

Take one step further and put the Christ-centered teachings of Reckless Grace into practice with this Reckless Grace Study Guide. Engaging chapter summaries, new and expanded thought-provoking questions, and ample space to record responses make this study guide an interactive experience and the perfect companion for individual and small group studies alike.

Begin your journey toward hope, healing, and spiritual transformation.


ISBN 9781424561834


64 Pages



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About the Authors

Picture of Bill Vanderbush

Bill Vanderbush

Bill Vanderbush is a third-generation minister who has pastored for over twenty-five years. His consuming passion is to empower people and live out the mystery of our union with Christ. Bill makes his home in Celebration, Florida . . .

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Picture of Brit Eaton

Brit Eaton

Brit Eaton is a writer, speaker, discipler, and all-around Kingdom seeker. She helps corporate, nonprofit, and ministry leaders find the words to say to move people to action. Brit lives in Mount Vernon, Ohio . . .

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