Quiet Times for Busy Moms

Quiet Times for Busy Moms

52 Devotions

By Vicki Kuyper





About 'Quiet Times for Busy Moms'


If you have a newborn, toddler, tween, or teen—you have something in common with every mom since the dawn of history: You need more time in your day (not to mention a bit more peace and calm).

While Quiet Times for Busy Moms will not give you that extra time, it will help with the peace and calm. These 52 weekly devotions will keep the reality of God’s presence close while encouraging you to become the mom you want to be. Topics include sibling rivalry, clutter, worry, what to do when your kids say, “I’m bored,” along with a few tried and true mothering tips.

God is right beside you, guiding and loving you and your kids through all life’s crazy adventures. Let Quiet Times for Busy Moms encourage, equip, and inspire you through your busy days!

ISBN 9781424554140


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Vicki Kuyper

Vicki Kuyper is an author and freelance writer who has journeyed to more than forty different countries including Cambodia, China, Estonia, and Tunisia. When Vicki isn’t on the road, she makes her home in Phoenix, AZ, where she enjoys speaking, reading, hiking, and engaging in deep conversations with good friends over extremely decadent desserts . . .

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