Parenting Rules!

Parenting Rules!

The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Parenthood

By Ryan O’Quinn





About 'Parenting Rules!'


Ever been a parent? Ever known a parent? Ever had a parent? 

Here you will find 150 hilarious parenting rules that will make you smile and even laugh out loud as you relate to the bizarre (but somehow heartwarming) parenting situations. If your kids have not already, get ready to discover how only a finely honed sense of humor can help you navigate the most intense, absurd, and (yes) rewarding experience ever invented: parenting. You will realize that despite all of the craziness, at the end of the long, diaper-filled day, parenting rules! 

You are not alone in the outrageous, befuddling, occasionally humiliating experience of raising small children into larger children and then (hopefully) self-supporting adults. You will “Amen!” and laugh your way through these pages as comedian Ryan O’Quinn tells of real life scenarios that took place in his actual home with actual children. You will gain deep understanding of the “rules” of parenting such as: At some point you will sit on the toilet with a kid on your lap, Blocks of time can be measured in Cheerios, You will S-P-E-L-L things aloud to other adults when you do not need to, If you have multiple kids, they will fight over [insert any noun], Pregnancy brain never goes away—for husbands either.

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Ryan O’Quinn

Ryan’s everyman approach to comedy has given him a unique voice to say exactly what most people are thinking.As an actor, comedian, and daddy, not necessarily in that order, he has traveled the country for twenty years speaking for large church events, conferences, festivals, and in comedy venues.His family-friendly entertainment has reached millions of people through internet and television. Ryan is the founder of a movement of fathers focused on being “Dads first and Dudes Second.”Raised in Grundy, Virginia, Ryan now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children . . .

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