On Spiritual Warfare

On Spiritual Warfare

22 Warning Orders for Virtuous Warriors

By Lt. Col. David Grossman
and Sgt. Christopher Pascoe


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About 'On Spiritual Warfare'


Answer God’s call to arms.
Evil from the world, the flesh, and the devil preys on those we love and stalks our every move. If we’re not fighting back, we’re losing. In On Spiritual Warfare, the sequel to On Spiritual Combat, Dave Grossman and Chris Pascoe guide Christians through operations of advanced spiritual warfare. Battle the forces of evil with twenty-two intensely practical WARNORDS, or military “warning orders,” drawn from the writings of Luther and Erasmus.
These strategic warnings and tactical orders will equip you to
  • recognize and fearlessly confront evil,
  • confess and repent of your own sin,
  • serve others as you become sanctified, and
  • mature into a triumphant spiritual warrior of God.
Filled with Scripture, powerful hymns, battle prep questions, and practical direction, On Spiritual Warfare is the map you need to successfully complete your mission from God. You become victorious as a Christian by living virtuously. Victory through virtue!


ISBN 9781424566228


624 Pages


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About the Authors

Picture of Lt. Col. David Grossman

Lt. Col. David Grossman

Lt. Col. Grossman is the author of On Killing and On Combat. He is one of the leading trainers of military and first responder agencies in the United States . . .

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Picture of Sgt. Christopher Pascoe

Sgt. Christopher Pascoe

Sgt. Christopher Pascoe served in the Michigan State Police for thirty-one years. He is now a criminal justice professor helping prepare the next generation of peacekeepers . . .

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