On Hunting

A Definitive Study of the Mind, Body, and Ecology of the Hunter in the Modern World

Hunting is our heritage, our heart, and our future.

Where does hunting fit in the modern world? To many, it can seem outdated or even cruel, but as On Hunting affirms, hunting is holistic, honest, and continually relevant. Dive deep into the ancient past of hunting and examine its position today, demonstrating that we cannot understand humanity without first understanding hunting.

Drawing from ecology, philosophy, and anthropology and sprinkled with campfire stories, this wide-ranging examination has rich depths for both nonhunters and hunters alike. On Hunting shows that we need hunting still—and so does the wild earth we inhabit.

"On Hunting provides the foundation for an honest conversation about hunting in the modern world. I hope that you will enjoy On Hunting as much as I did and apply its principles to your own life and worldview.”

"CCW Maggie"
Female Hunter, Pro Staff for Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s, Nevada Hunter Education Instructor, Co-Owner of Homeland Personal Protection, LLC

What People Are Saying About On Hunting

  • T.J. Schwanky
    "Without knowing where we came from, it’s impossible to understand how we got here. On Hunting not only offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of hunting but also reaffirms the modern hunter’s connection to his primordial roots. A great read."
    T.J. Schwanky
    Conservationist, Writer, TV Producer
  • Carl Chinn
    "I loved this book! A very intellectual and historical study of why we hunt. Understanding the why naturally results in improving skills for tactical situations and survival, not to mention making us better hunters!"
    Carl Chinn
    President of Faith Based Security Network, Lifelong Hunter
  • Ernest Emerson
    "In the end, a man’s worth is not judged by what he knows but by what he has done. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has done way more for the good of others than he will ever know. His books, all of them, are required reading in my family. His latest book, On Hunting, has now joined that required reading list."
    Ernest Emerson
    “Father of the Modern Fighting Knife,” Author of Bad Guy with a Gun, Lifelong Hunter, www.EmersonKnives.com
  • Ian Crookston
    "I very much enjoyed this book. It will have a great reception, as it is about all of us (humans), not just hunters."
    Ian Crookston
    Engineer, Non-Hunter
  • Jim Shockey
    "All true hunters “feel” the truth, but few are able to “articulate” that truth. Now, thankfully, we have On Hunting to be our champion of the wild!"
    Jim Shockey
    Naturalist, Outfitter, TV Producer and Host
  • Robin Hurt
    "I believe this is the most important study of hunting since the Meditations on Hunting writings by José Ortega y Gasset."
    Robin Hurt
    Conservationist, Hunter

About the Authors

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a bestselling author and one of the leading trainers of military and first responder agencies worldwide.

Dave is an award-winning author and nationally recognized as a powerful, dynamic speaker. He has authored over a dozen books, including his perennial bestsellers On Killing, On Combat, and On Spiritual Combat, a New York Times best-selling book coauthored with Glenn Beck, and many other successful books and scholarly papers. His books are required or recommended reading in all four branches of the US Armed Forces and in federal and local law enforcement academies nationwide.

He is a US Army Ranger, a paratrooper, a prior service sergeant, and a former West Point psychology professor. He has five patents to his name, has earned a black belt in Hojutsu (the martial art of the firearm), and has been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Dave’s research was cited by the President of the United States in a national address, he has testified before the US Senate, the US Congress, and numerous state legislatures, and he has been invited to the White House on two occasions to brief the president and the vice president in his areas of expertise.

Since his retirement from the US Army in 1998, Dave has been on the road over two hundred days a year for over twenty-four years as one of the world’s leading trainers for military, law enforcement, mental health providers, and school safety organizations. He has been inducted as a Life Diplomate by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and a Life Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

Linda K. Miller is an author and a businessperson, with extensive experience as a national and international shooting coach and competitor.

Linda has over twenty-five years of business experience, including management consulting, business planning, business management, marketing, and information systems.

She has considerable experience in international small-bore target shooting as a member of Canada’s Shooting Team. She has won medals in the Commonwealth Games 1994, Cuba World Cup 1995, and Mexico World Cup 1993. In 1999, Linda became the first woman to win the Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for shooting (full-bore rifle); these competitions have a proud and honored history of over 140 years. Linda is also the first and only woman to be the National Sniper Rifle Champion (2008). She holds many provincial and national titles and records, and she has been a member of several Canadian teams to international championships throughout the world.

Linda is an accomplished and internationally certified shooting coach. She has coached provincial and national teams (small-bore and full-bore) as well as the Canadian CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) team. With Keith, she has coached the Canadian Forces Combat Shooting Team to many honors in England and Australia. They have coached thirteen members of the military to a Queen’s Medal, the top award for marksmanship within the Canadian Forces. Linda has also volunteered as a director, manager, administrator, and consultant in Club, Provincial, and National shooting sports organizations.

Linda started hunting in 1995 and has since hunted small and big game in Canada (Ontario), the USA (Georgia, South Dakota), and Africa (Namibia)

Capt. Keith A. Cunningham CD (Ret) is an author, a career military officer, and a well-known instructor to both operational and recreational marksmen.

Keith is a career military officer with a combined experience of over twenty-five years with the Canadian Armed Forces and the US Army. He has considerable practical experience, including a combat tour in Vietnam, where he was a US Army Ranger specializing as a sniper and in long-range reconnaissance. In the Canadian Army, he was a part of the Special Service Force. He did peacekeeping and counter-sniper operations in Cyprus and annual unit and command-level military exercises in North America and Europe.

Keith has taught marksmanship courses at the Canadian Forces Infantry School and at many police forces in Ontario. He was a certified instructor/examiner for the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario, and he was a Hunter Safety Instructor/Examiner. Keith is an internationally certified shooting coach and has successfully coached teams to national and international excellence. He is currently the Chief Instructor with the MilCun Training Center.

MilCun Training Center. Keith is a qualified gunsmith with over thirty years of experience, specializing in long-range practical rifles. He has built and regulated rifles used by Canadian police agencies and international competitors around the world. He is an internationally renowned rifle and pistol competitor, having won honors at Bisley, the World Long Range Championships, and the Commonwealth Games. He has been the Canadian National Champion in pistol, tactical/service rifle, sniper rifle, and 3-Gun a total of nineteen times. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame and a threetime member of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Hall of Fame (in the target rifle, service rifle, and builder categories).

Keith has hunted since he was a youngster growing up in rural Canada. He has since hunted small and big game in Canada (Ontario), the USA (Georgia, South Dakota), and Africa (Namibia).

Keith and Linda together built the MilCun Training Center, where they run many professional and recreational shooting courses and events. They are popular guest lecturers and speakers, providing seminars and courses to police, military, and civilian marksmen in Canada and internationally. Their articles on marksmanship have been published in shooting magazines such as Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooter, The Accurate Rifle, Canadian Marksman, the Canadian Forces Infantry Journal, Ontario Out of Doors, and AIM Magazine. They are the authors of The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters and Secrets of Mental Marksmanship. They are currently working on several books.