New Day, New Me

New Day, New Me

Devotions of Acceptance, Courage, and Surrender Recovery Journal

By Mike Shea




About 'New Day, New Me'


New Day, New Me is a devotional journal designed to help those in recovery--and everyone is in recovery from something--develop, strengthen, or renew a relationship with God. It’s essential to depend on someone, or something, other than ourselves. Daily devotion, prayer, and meditation time are critical components of maintaining sobriety and building a strong foundation with God-free indeed! Just as our physical bodies need daily nourishment, we also need spiritual food every day to withstand life on life’s terms. New Day, New Me incorporates scriptural references with practical, spiritual teachings that can be applied to everyday life circumstances. 

ISBN 9781424549757


144 Pages



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About the Author

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Mike Shea

In recovery himself, and part of a faith-based recovery ministry—Serenity Village—for 10 years, Mike Shea has written in these pages essential, yet practical, tools for those who are sick of being sick, and tired of living beneath what God has for them. His love for his wife, Peggy, and their eight adult children, and eleven grandchildren come second only to his love for God.His heart’s desire is this devotional journal will be your doorway to knowing you can never do anything to get God to love you more, or less. His love is unconditional. Mike lives in Glenwood, Minnesota and commutes each week to Minneapolis to be part of Serenity Village Recovery and Serenity Village Community Church.To learn m . . .

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