Mornings with Nana

Mornings with Nana

365 Days of Love and Encouragement

By Marietta Terry


Faux Leather



About 'Mornings with Nana'


Start your day with love and prayer from grandma!
Whether we’re facing challenges or feeling lost, we all need a little guidance from time to time. And who better to turn to than a grandmother, whose knowledge and experience can lead us through the ups and downs of life.
In Mornings with Nana, Marietta Terry shares inspiring life lessons passed down through generations. Weaving together God's truth with heartening wisdom, comforting messages, and uplifting prayers, Mornings with Nana will encourage you to
  • find reassurance in Christ’s redeeming love,
  • nurture and guard your heart in every season, and
  • stand steadfast in your faith and convictions.
Let Mornings with Nana call you back home, where love and support abound no matter what waits at the doorsteps of life. 

ISBN 9781424567874


384 Pages


Faux Leather / Fine Binding

Carton Quantity: 40

About the Author

Picture of Marietta Terry

Marietta Terry

Marietta Terry is the founder of Plumfield Academy in Santa Ana, California, and is credited with opening several preschools within churches throughout Southern California. For decades, she has shared her love of Christ through her writing. Marietta and her husband, Ted, have been married for over sixty years and together share five children, seventeen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren . . .

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