Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus

A 40-Day Devotional

By C.K. Sharpe




About 'Miracles of Jesus'


Why did Jesus perform miracles?

This 40-day devotional chronicles miracles Jesus performed as He lived on this earth. You will see Jesus performing instantaneous miracles in front of many witnesses—demonstrating God's kindness and concern for the afflicted. Be moved by how Jesus interacted with people, and see how—in a moment—Jesus changed their lives and glorified His Father in heaven.

Each day you will read Scriptures that record the miracle, and then go deeper with a devotional reading, reflect personally and journal thoughtfully, and mediate on an insightful truth about the Lord Jesus.

Experience the richness of Jesus' marvelous works and discover anew God's overwhelming love for you.

ISBN 9781424553822


176 Pages



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About the Author

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C.K. Sharpe

C.K. Sharpe was in corporate management before retiring in 2009. As a volunteer for several worthy organizations during her lifetime, she has shared biblical principles and stories for children and mothers to connect, build character, and make a difference in their community. She resides in Georgia with her husband, Tom. She has two grown children and is the proud grandmother of seven . . .

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