Miracle in East Texas

Miracle in East Texas

A Very Tall Tale Inspired by an Absolutely True Story

By Dan Gordon





About 'Miracle in East Texas'


Every saint has a past.
Every sinner has a future.
Based on the movie Miracle in East Texas, this is the story of two aging, fast-talking hucksters: Doc Boyd and Dad Everett. These hard-luck con men make their living swindling widows during the Great Depression by selling them shares in sham oil wells. The truth is that they’re selling hope and more romance than the widows they swindle have ever known. Once they’ve sold about a thousand percent of these fraudulent shares, they declare the well a dry hole and head for greener pastures.
Then, miraculously, every lie they tell comes true. They hit not just an oil well but the richest strike in North America. They should cap the well, declare it a dry hole, and make their getaway. But then they would have to walk away from being honest oilmen for the first time in their larcenous lives. What follows is funny and poignant, romantic and inspiring. This tall tale inspired by an absolutely true story comes from a time when bums became billionaires and sinners became saints.

ISBN 9781424558827


256 Pages



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About the Author

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Dan Gordon

Miracle in East Texas is Dan Gordon’s tenth published novel. Gordon is also the screenwriter of twenty produced feature films, including The Hurricane (starring Denzel Washington, who received an Academy Award nomination), Wyatt Earp (starring Kevin Costner), and the 2017 faith-based film Let There Be Light (starring Kevin Sorbo). Gordon was also the head writer of Michael Landon’s Highway to Heaven. Together, Gordon and Jerry Falwell Jr. cofounded the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center at Liberty University . . .

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