Marriage Rules!

Marriage Rules!

The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage

By Ryan O’Quinn





About 'Marriage Rules!'


Getting Married? Newlyweds? Been Married for 50 years? Whether you are currently in the throes of wedded bliss or you aspire to walk the aisle one day, this book will give you a hilarious perspective to navigate the ups-and-downs and sometimes sideways roller coaster ride we call marriage. 

You start with a fairytale idea of what marriage will be like; then reality and life happens… and all that entails. By finding the humor in everyday situations, comedian Ryan O'Quinn has discovered the secret to happily ever after. Only a finely honed sense of humor can help you survive the insanity of the M word!

Regardless of your station, you can count on these 150 "rules" of marriage happening to you. Such as:
  • You will learn to clap loudly for your spouse.
  • Love scenes in the movies are not realistic!
  • Men want to be on a throne, women want to be on a pedestal… and they both want alone time on the toilet.
  • You will need to date your spouse.
  • Marriage is a contract for someone else to call you out on your junk.
  • This is not the person you married...and that is okay.
  • Husbands will lie about golf and dinners.

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144 Pages



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About the Author

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Ryan O’Quinn

Ryan’s everyman approach to comedy has given him a unique voice to say exactly what most people are thinking.As an actor, comedian, and daddy, not necessarily in that order, he has traveled the country for twenty years speaking for large church events, conferences, festivals, and in comedy venues.His family-friendly entertainment has reached millions of people through internet and television. Ryan is the founder of a movement of fathers focused on being “Dads first and Dudes Second.”Raised in Grundy, Virginia, Ryan now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children . . .

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