Just Breathe

Just Breathe

All stories redeemable, All brokenness repairable, All addictions breakable

By Keith Repult





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About 'Just Breathe'


Keith Repult spent his life looking for love and running from God. After growing up bouncing between parents, grandparents, and foster homes, Keith ended up in California in his early twenties—homeless, addicted, and broken.

One night he met the owner of a local adult bookstore and soon became a worldwide leader in the porn industry. As a self-made multimillionaire, “King Keith” was living a life of luxury, but was completely empty and addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pornography. Still trying to find the answers, Keith and his wife bought a vacation house at the beach and opened a yogurt shop. That shop opened the door for them to encounter the grace of Jesus Christ.

Using the acronym BREATHE, Just Breathe provides practical tools for reflection, hope, and help for those drowning in the pain of addiction. It is also a powerful ministry resource, using the steps Keith took to find freedom from addiction.

Not only does God know everything about us, He also relentlessly pursues us with an unfailing love. Keith’s story reminds us that we’ve never gone too far to be made new by the big grace of God.

ISBN 9781424555208


176 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Keith Repult

Keith Repult

Keith Repult, once the owner of the second largest porn distribution company in the country and one of the top ten manufacturing companies in the world, was living a life of addiction, hiding, and hurting. His story depicts his journey out of the world of the adult entertainment industry—trading wealth for wholeness, addiction for acceptance, and prestige for peace. Keith and his wife, Samantha, are now the owners of Surf ‘N’ Yogurt in Ventura, California . . .

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