How to Act Like a Grown-Up

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Filled with a mountain of practical advice, enjoy this timeless collection of grown-up perspectives that many never get to hear on their way to twenty-one. With humor and occasional bite, How to Act Like a Grown-Up is an indispensable guide for moving into adulthood. Mark addresses thirty topics including cell phone etiquette, clothing, driving, finishing what you start, going to class, meeting people, money, sexuality, voting, and much more. Don't learn these lessons the hard way. Enjoy a humorous and educational ride as you grow up into acting like a grown-up.

ISBN 9781424549887


144 Pages



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Mark DuPré

Mark DuPré has done a lot of things, and he gets tired just thinking about it sometimes. He’s been a magazine writer, editor, and industry trainer. Right now he’s a pastor, film professor, speaker, and musician. He’s motivated by a desire to help all people, especially young ones, become successful adults in every aspect of their lives.Mark has three children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren, even though he is still nineteen in his mind. He lives with his ever-patient wife, Diane, just outside of Rochester, New York . . .

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