Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn

Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn

A story about 344 people working together to solve a big, big, big problem

By Jason Weber





About 'Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn'


Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn is a truly unique children’s book with a big heart. Based on a true story, this beautiful and whimsical book explores Farmer Herman's quest to solve a very big, big, big problem. After considering a few silly ideas of how to take care of his flooding barn, Farmer Herman comes up with maybe the silliest idea of all—find 344 friends to come help pick it up and move it!
This inspiring story from Bruno, Nebraska, has been told around the world demonstrating the power of solving big problems together. One group of people who were inspired by the Bruno barn-moving story were advocates around the country who are working together to provide more than enough for kids and families in foster care.
As a way to raise awareness for children in foster care, 344 of these passionate people wrote and illustrated this book together. Kids, adoptive and foster parents, child welfare professionals, pastors, organizational leaders, recording artists, and authors have all contributed original drawings that have been used to illustrate the entire book. Illustrators include Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Mary Beth Chapman, Dr. Karyn Purvis, John Luke Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and many others. 
Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn is a fun story brought into existence by 344 people who are counting on the power of unity to bring hope to 400,000 kids in foster care.

ISBN 9781424553181


48 Pages



Carton Quantity: 38

About the Author

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Jason Weber

Jason Weber is passionate about helping people solve big problems by working together. Jason and his wife, Trisha, have been caring for children from U.S. foster care since 2001, including adopting their five children from foster care. Jason has helped to produce and write several books, Bible studies, and other tools created to serve the church as it cares for hurting kids. Jason serves as the National Director of Foster Care Initiatives for the Christian Alliance for Orphans and currently lives in Plano, Texas . . .

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