Engaging Heaven Today

Engaging Heaven Today

365 Daily Devotions

By James Levesque


Faux Leather



About 'Engaging Heaven Today'


Engage with heaven daily.
Modern society encourages complacency, but God wants to use you to change the world. In Engaging Heaven Today, James Levesque challenges your perspective, transforms your priorities, and urges you to play your part in bringing God’s kingdom to earth. Join in God’s work today as you
  • discover timeless promises,
  • engage in active prayer,
  • experience breakthrough truths,
  • remember God’s calling on your life, and
  • achieve growth with daily reflection.
Ignite your faith and harness your gifts for God’s glory. 

ISBN 9781424562725


384 Pages


Faux Leather / Fine Binding

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About the Author

Picture of James Levesque

James Levesque

Author, church planter, and international speaker James Levesque is the founder and lead pastor of a network of Engaging Heaven churches. He has also written Revival Hunger and Fire and hosts the podcast Engaging Heaven Today along with various TV shows, including Breaking Through with James Levesque and Love Living Life. James and his wife, Debbie, have three beautiful children . . .

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