Enduring Wealth

Enduring Wealth

Being Rich in This World and the Next

By Raymond Harris





About 'Enduring Wealth'


Find the secrets of success in God’s kingdom.
Wealth in a steward’s hands is powerful. With spiritual guidance and discernment, you can use your giftedness for God’s glory and yield incredible returns of eternal impact.
After years of investing in both successful and failed ventures, Raymond H. Harris shares how he has seen God multiply human efforts when people faithfully steward all God has given them. Based on biblical principles of stewardship and investing, Enduring Wealth will encourage you to
  • build economic engines to cultivate assets for God’s kingdom,
  • understand how to convert earthly assets into kingdom capital,
  • give with wisdom and a joyful heart,
  • foster partnerships and friendships with others to serve,
  • listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, and
  • live with an eternal mindset.
Watch God transform the world as you place your earthly treasures in His hands.

ISBN 9781424568826


192 Pages



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About the Author

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Raymond Harris

Raymond Harris has been a business professional for over forty years and is a venture capitalist in God’s kingdom. He is the founder and chairman of a large national architectural firm. He has extensive experience leading businesses, volunteer organizations, and ministry projects. He and his wife, Marydel, currently reside in Dallas, Texas . . .

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