Day by Day and Night by Night

Day by Day and Night by Night

365 Morning & Evening Devotions for Leaders

By Ronnie Floyd


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About 'Day by Day and Night by Night'


Lead with God by your side.
Moses had too many responsibilities, King David faced opposition, and Paul felt alone, but leaning into God’s guidance, these biblical leaders rallied people toward a better future. You, too, can tackle any challenge and move forward with vision however the Lord has called you to lead.
Imparting principles from God’s Word and his own experiences, Ronnie Floyd will inspire you to lead with confidence in this 365-day devotional. Each day contains a Scripture passage, a morning devotion with a daily declaration, and an evening devotion with a prayer. Day by Day and Night by Night will help you
  • listen for spiritual direction,
  • make decisions with insight and humility,
  • stand firm during change and trials,
  • grow in your life and leadership, and
  • trust Jesus every step of the way.
Become a leader empowered by God’s continuous presence day by day and night by night.

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Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd is a leader of leaders with a vision to change the world. As a pastor, he began developing business leaders through a weekly summit that over 130,000 business leaders have attended since 2001. As a speaker, author, and former president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, he has led across denominations and ministries . . .

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