Count Your Blessings and Stop Stressing

Count Your Blessings and Stop Stressing

365 Daily Devotions


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About 'Count Your Blessings and Stop Stressing'


Overcome stress and dwell in God's abundant peace.

Stress can be relentless, overwhelming our thoughts and emotions—but God has a better plan for his children. It’s possible to experience so much peace and joy that they overflow to those around you.
In Count Your Blessings and Stop Stressing, Ray Comfort shares devotions that empower readers to replace anxiety, fear, and worry with assurance, gratitude, and strength. Steeped in Scripture and filled with wise counsel and encouragement, this book will
·        soothe your heart with God’s promises,
·        lift you above daily stressors,
·        renew the power of your faith, and
·        comfort you with the depths of God’s great love.

Rejoice in the knowledge that every blessing comes from him.

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384 Pages


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