“Why did this happen to me?”
“Does my life matter?”
“How do the broken pieces of my life fit into God’s ultimate plan for me?”

Completing Project Me is a resource to help disciple those searching for big answers in life. This book will help people learn that God will make good on his promise to complete or perfect the work he started in us (Phil. 1:6). It will also shed light on His amazing orchestration of events and explain how He gave many clues along the way…connecting the dots of His greatest project….ME. Let go and let God.

Whether questioning, struggling or deepening your Faith, this book is a valuable resource for small groups, discussion groups and sermon series.

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About the Author

Matthew Thomas has written, led and traveled extensively over the past 40 years. He planted and pastored churches in three countries (U.S.A., Canada and Philippines), taught undergraduate and graduate courses in several colleges, universities and seminaries (Western Evangelical Seminary, Seattle Pacific Seminary among others), served as a missionary (Philippines) and as a college president (John Wesley College), superintended dozens of churches from 1992-2007 and presided for twelve years as a bishop (overseer) in the Free Methodist Church - a denomination with more than 15,000 churches in more than 100 countries. He has consulted more than 300 churches and conducted seminars on matters of faith world-wide. More importantly he has talked with people from many faiths and in many places about Christianity, helping scores of people find faith in Jesus Christ.