The Story of the First Murder and the Birth of an Unstoppable Evil

By Brennan McPherson





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About 'Cain'


The murder was just the beginning.

Inflamed by jealousy and on the brink of madness, Cain—firstborn among men—brutally beats his twin brother, Abel, to death. As the family struggles to believe God hasn't abandoned them, Cain flees into the wilderness with the growing fear that murdering his brother might have birthed an unstoppable evil. Soon, all of life balances upon one perilous question: is the monster inside Cain the gateway to godhead or the end of mankind?

Cain is a daring, atmospheric novel—the first in a new biblical fiction series based on Genesis 1–11—drawn with visionary scope, literary depth, and immense respect for the biblical text.

Come, get lost in the wonders of Genesis.

ISBN 9781424552320


320 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Brennan McPherson

Brennan McPherson

Brennan McPherson has always wanted to tell stories, but it wasn’t until his junior year in college that he built up the nerve to try. Three years and several failed attempts later, Cain, his first novel, was born. Brennan is married to his best friend, works full time at a small nonprofit, and plays the drums in his spare time. He makes his home in Sparta, WI . . .

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