Affirm the Word

Affirm the Word

52-Week Prayer Journal for Women

By J. Marie Jones


Spiral bound


About 'Affirm the Word'


Many believers understand that there is power in the Word of God. Few, however, understand the importance of speaking it over their lives each day.
We are bombarded with negative words, imagery, experiences, and feelings that rob us of the joy, peace, and blessing afforded to us under grace as a result of our salvation. But right thinking, living, and believing is not automatic; it requires effort and participation, beginning with speaking the change we want to see and be.
In this 52-week prayer journal, J. Marie Jones will encourage you to
  • engage in the critical practice of speaking life-giving words with faith and intention,
  • declare what you already know to be true,
  • establish a lifestyle of consistent prayer, and
  • keep a record of your faith-filled prayers and reflections.
You can experience sustainable, positive change as you surrender your heart to God's will and affirm his Word over your life.

ISBN 9781424568093


224 Pages


Spiral bound

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About the Author

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J. Marie Jones

J. Marie Jones is a former media professional who is passionate about sharing the wonder of being a daughter of the Most High God. She is a sister and guide to believers who are endeavoring to be transformed through the practice of internalizing God’s Word and engaging in the daily discipline of affirming it in their lives. J. Marie is a mom to a wildly talented girl who is bursting with life and comedic energy. They make their home in Brooklyn, New York . . .

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