A Little God Time for Teens (gift edition)

A Little God Time for Teens (gift edition)

365 Daily Devotions


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About 'A Little God Time for Teens (gift edition)'


A little God time gives you strength for your day and hope for your future.

With an endless supply of images, information, and ideas waiting at your fingertips, how can you know what is really true? What is lasting and real? As you reflect on these devotions, Scriptures, and prayers, be encouraged with God’s truth. Let him show you that you are beautiful, you are loved, and you were created with a purpose.

This devotional is written specifically for teenage girls—like you! It will engage you in topics specific to the issues you face each day. Read about themes like beauty, courage, dignity, identity, integrity, and value, and be encouraged to find everything you need in Christ.

Gain confidence as you learn that the God who created you delights in spending time with you. As you embrace his words of truth, be filled with joy, strength, and renewed purpose for the day ahead. There is no one quite like you, and God is delighted to call you his.

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384 Pages


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