A Garden of Hope

A Garden of Hope

Devotional Journal

By Sandy Clough




About 'A Garden of Hope'


A beautiful English garden overflowing with cascades of flowers, alive with the fluttering and floating of birds and butterflies and awash with fragrance—this is the life hoped for. A garden of perfection with perfect weather, abundance, and season after season filled with only delights. A garden of comfort, a garden of joy, a painting one could have walked into and lived dreams of a perfect life. 

But the garden of life is not a perfect English garden. Yet within it, God has painted pictures of faith, hope, love and, yes, even correction in the places it’s needed. A Garden of Hope illustrates lessons that cannot be painted with a paintbrush; they are painted instead with words. Those who read these words see God and realize He is everything they need. Life that seems so imperfect is full of beauty, for it has been perfectly designed as an invitation for us to know God. 

ISBN 9781424550012


144 Pages



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Sandy Clough

Sandy Lynam Clough is both an author and an artist. She has written or illustrated 28 gift books and sold over one million of these books. A fourth generation artist, Sandy got her earliest art training and encouragement from her artist father and from her mother. She began selling her paintings as an art major at Mississippi College. Sandy has a Master’s Degree in Art Education, but her heart is in painting instead of teaching. Mississippi College has twice named her “Art Alumnus of the Year.” Sandy Clough creates beautifully realistic paintings and designs that are both fresh and contemporary, yet her painting is fine art. This combination is uniquely Sandy Clough and appears on many licensed products. Both her art and her writing are inspired and grounded by her Christian faith . . .

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