A Daily Word for Boys

A Daily Word for Boys

A 365-day Devotional


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How can a young person keep their life pure?
By living according to your word.
Psalm 119:9 NIRV
Living for God can be hard. You hear so many different messages about what is right and wrong, and that can be very confusing. God’s Word is full of truth and light and life, and it can lead you into making good decisions every day.
Spending time with God helps you to be a boy who is full of courage, kindness, and joy. Each devotion in this book begins with one word for the day. Think about this word as you read the connected Bible verse, devotion, and question. Focus on the word as you go about your day and see if it changes the way you think about things.
Let Jesus bring light and peace to your heart as you listen to his wisdom. When other people see his light shining in you, they will want it too!

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