Why Bad Looks Good

Why Bad Looks Good

Biblical Wisdom to Make Smart Choices in Life, Love, and Friendship

By Wendy Patrick





About 'Why Bad Looks Good'


Overcome deception with biblical perception.
Have you ever misjudged a situation that appeared desirable but ended in disaster? Have you been betrayed by a friend, coworker, or love interest? We all face challenging, heartbreaking experiences that require us to make important decisions. Unlike worldly advice, God’s advice is perfect.  
Why Bad Looks Good uses biblical wisdom to improve your perception of the people and world around you. Using relatable, real-life examples, career prosecutor Dr. Wendy Patrick teaches you how to:
  • assess people and circumstances clearly and accurately,
  • identify healthy sources of power,
  • surround yourself with trustworthy people, and
  • transform rose-colored glasses into reading glasses.
We are drawn to talent, wealth, and beauty, yet all of those things come from God. Apply his divine wisdom to live peacefully but proactively, compassionately yet carefully, and adopt a fresh, uplifting outlook on life.

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About the Author

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Wendy Patrick

Wendy Patrick is a career prosecutor, ordained Christian minister with a PhD in theology, public speaker, and published author. She teaches at Trinity Law School, Veritas University, University of San Diego, and San Diego State University. In her spare time, she performs with the La Jolla Symphony as a concert violinist and plays the electric violin professionally with a rock band . . .

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