The Books of El

The Books of El

3 in 1 Collection

By Jeff Nesbit





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At the dawn of the earth, a race of beings-masters of the universe-walked the planet. Now a portal opens to their long-lost world. After thousands of years, Araqiel the Watcher has finally spotted the culmination of his quest-three champions not of his world, but perhaps its only hope. But will they be willing to step into this most dangerous of games and fulfill their unique destinies? Laura, Jon, and Sampson, three college students, have heard the legends about the bene elohim, who have invoked fear and awe since the beginning of time. Both despised and revered, they taught humankind about mysteries otherwise unknown. Then, abruptly, they vanished, along with the other six races-the elves, dwarves, giants, centaurs, people of the sea, and fairies. But to Laura, Jon, and Sampson, the bene elohim are nothing more than myths...until they encounter the mysterious Araqiel, discover The Books of El, and are plunged into the world these ancient beings once ruled with absolute power. Their mission? To journey to the land, to believe, to act in the land's behalf, and to forge a path, using their honed skills as a team to do what seems impossible. The stakes are high-not only their own lives, but the survival of two worlds. And forces not of their world are conspiring to make this the deadliest game of all.

ISBN 9781424599035


528 Pages



Carton Quantity: 32

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