The Bible in 7 Days

The Bible in 7 Days

By Jeff Bogue




About 'The Bible in 7 Days'


You have heard the Bible stories but have your doubts about Christianity. Maybe you attended church as a kid, but as an adult you are less than interested. Maybe you have never really investigated the Bible at all because it's just too intimidating.

In The Bible in 7 Days, Dr. Bogue walks you through the metanarrative of the Bible and simplifies even the most complex of subjects in Christian theology—from the garden of Eden to the afterlife and everything in between.

Experience the Bible like never before as you get back to the basics and develop a deeper understanding of the heart and mind of God.

ISBN 9781424559114


128 Pages



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About the Author

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Jeff Bogue

Dr. Jeff Bogue is a pastor whose passion is to help Jesus make sense to young adults. He has been married to Heidi for twenty-three years and they have six children. Jeff  has had the privilege of sharing life together for twenty-three years with the people of Grace Church of Greater Akron, Ohio, a movement of 10,000 people on four campuses. Dr. Bogue is a graduate of Grace College and Seminary of Winona Lake, Indiana, and wants to help others make sense of the love of God in their heads and translate it into passion and life-change in their hearts . . .

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