Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral

Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral

A Miraculous Story of Hope

By Rosey Brausen





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About 'Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral'


Gary Brausen was a hockey player, runner, and bicyclist. He maintained a healthy diet and did not smoke. But six months after his fiftieth birthday, the doctors told him he had an aggressive form of lung cancer. The prognosis was bleak. Three oncologists said his case was terminal and told Gary to get his affairs in order.
God’s will is to heal disease, yet too many people go home to heaven through the pathway of illness. How can we love Jesus so recklessly in the process that we leave nothing on the table when asking for healing except His sovereignty? Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral confronts our often double-minded approach to lean on the counsel of man instead of the promises of God—losing sight of His miraculous nature as our faithful, loving, merciful God. Learn how you can:
• Fight tenaciously because your hope comes from the Lord.
• Seek the heart of God so you don’t bow to terminal illness.
• Not be afraid to pursue the miraculous.
• Trust God to sustain you whether healing occurs in this life or the next.
Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral is not just about hope; it is about digging in and standing strong as God teaches you how to fight His way.

ISBN 9781424550005


192 Pages



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About the Author

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Rosey Brausen

Rosey Brausen is an advertising, marketing, and development professional, freelance writer, inspirational speaker, and prayer intercessor. She is a graduate of the McNutt School of Healing Prayer and has been in the healing and prayer ministry since 2002. Rosey is the seventh of ten children. She enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, traveling, and a really good belly laugh. The funniest people she knows are her husband Gary, sons Bennett and Alec, and eight of her nine siblings. She lives in Bloomington, Minnesota . . .

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