Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

Coloring the Great Flood

By Erin Jons


Novelty book


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About 'Noah's Ark'


Life is full of demands. Appointments, deadlines, obligations, and constant digital chatter occupy every moment and build a mountain of unhealthy stress and tension.

Why not eliminate some of that stress as you ponder the faithfulness of God creatively illustrated in Noah’s Ark: Coloring the Great Flood? Take a break from your busy schedule, and focus on filling the intricate images with the beauty of color. Watch each page come alive as you allow your creativity to flow freely.

Spend some quiet time relaxing with this inspirational adult coloring book. The worries of life can wait.

ISBN 9781424551958


96 Pages


Novelty book

Carton Quantity: 40

About the Author

Picture of Erin Jons

Erin Jons

Erin Jons is a self-taught artist who enjoys the intricacies of creativity. Her relationship with paper and ink began in 1998 as she drew, sketched, and doodled her way through the trials of high school lectures. This relationship has continued in the form of portraits, theatrical set design, and drawing countless coloring pages for her own children. She is humbled and delighted to see her art mingle with God’s precious and powerful Word, and prays that time spent with each page will reveal a glimpse of the beauty of Jesus. Erin is happily married with five children in Northern Idaho . . .

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