Millennial Orphan

Millennial Orphan

Trust Your Struggle. God Is Stronger.

By Levi Gideon Shepherd





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About 'Millennial Orphan'


Nothing ever came easy for Levi Shepherd. By age seventeen, he had suffered a life-threatening illness, an absent father, the loss of his mother, and staggering betrayals from those he trusted that left him homeless and wandering. Levi longed for something or someone to call his own.

Desperate for love, he found acceptance in a street gang. There he rose through the ranks to the number two spot: defending the leader.

Levi was hurtling down a road that could only lead to prison or death.

Enter God.

Even when Levi chose all the wrong roads, he caught glimpses of God and learned he was not alone. Levi tells his riveting story in a gritty, no-holds-barred style that will have you wondering how he ever survived at all, and leave you with the truth that he learned along the way:

Trust your struggle, God is stronger.

ISBN 9781424551927


240 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Levi Gideon Shepherd

Levi Gideon Shepherd

Levi Gideon Shepherd is a man with a lifetime’s worth of struggles in just thirty years. It might be fitting to describe Levi as an old weathered soul, who still holds tight to the hopes and dreams he carried as a child—and he’ll fight for them. Levi lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he continues to study and write. He also educates people in self–defense, both in Krav Maga and defensive firearm tactics. Levi is still passionately blunt about all things God and politics—often preferring slang, plain white tee–shirts, and unapologetic free speech over societal norms and political correctness . . .

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