Married for a Purpose

Married for a Purpose

New Habits of Thinking for a Higher Way of Living

By Greg and Julie Gorman





About 'Married for a Purpose'


Problems divide. Purpose unites. Welcome God’s purpose, together!

Does the busyness of life choke your time for quality connection? Could you use some positive affirmation to cultivate transformation in a world filled with negativity? Do you aspire to live fully in God’s purpose as a couple?

In Married for a Purpose, Greg and Julie Gorman share 52 power-packed devotions, filled with encouragement, Scriptures, prayers, and practical next-step actions to help you live purpose focused, not problem focused in your marriage.

Each week you’ll uncover insights to create new habits of thought in your relationship, enriching your communication and unifying you physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Welcome God’s purpose for your marriage. Live the life God intended. He created you and your spouse to live Married for a Purpose!

ISBN 9781424556328


160 Pages



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About the Author

Picture of Greg and Julie Gorman

Greg and Julie Gorman

As entrepreneurs, certified life coaches, owners of small businesses, and most of all parents of two teenagers and a now twenty-something-year-old, GREG and JULIE GORMAN understand busy and the struggles in everyday life. When first married, they allowed problem to divide them.As God taught them the powerful truth that problems divide; purpose unites, they made a decision to pursue and seize a purpose-focused marriage and it changed everything. Greg and Julie make their home near Port St. Lucie, Florida . . .

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