Best Road Trip Jokes Ever

Best Road Trip Jokes Ever

Jokes for Kids

By Chantelle Grace





About 'Best Road Trip Jokes Ever'


When is a car like a frog? When it’s being toad.

How do fleas travel from place to place? By itch-hiking.

The next time you’re planning a long ride in the car, grab this fun joke book for kids and laugh out loud while you keep the family road trip interesting!

Roll down the windows and hold on to your hats because you are in for quite the ride. With hilarious jokes and puns for children that are sure to cause a few eye rolls, you’re all set for miles of smiles.

Note: These jokes are best read out loud to everyone in the car. No noise-canceling headphones allowed!

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Chantelle Grace

Chantelle Grace is a witty wordsmith who loves music, art, and competitive games. She is fascinated by God’s intricate design of the human body. As she works her way through medical school, she knows it’s important to share the gift of laughter with those around her. When she’s not studying abroad, she makes her home in Prior Lake, Minnesota . . .

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