A Little God Time for Teachers (Gift Edition)

A Little God Time for Teachers (Gift Edition)

365 Daily Devotions


Faux Leather




About 'A Little God Time for Teachers (Gift Edition)'


Teaching is a work of heart that takes energy and inspiration. Whether your classroom is in a traditional school building or right next to your kitchen, the young people you are equipping are blessed to have you pouring wisdom into their lives. Rest assured that your hard work does not go unnoticed; the effort you put in now will reap a harvest in years to come.

Spend a little time with God as you dive into these devotions, and find the strength and encouragement you need to face each teaching challenge that comes your way. With God’s help, you can make a positive impact on those in your care. 

ISBN 9781424560424


384 Pages


Faux Leather / Fine Binding

Carton Quantity: 40